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"Our nation is at a crossroads—morality is being legislated by the courts, traditional values are being tossed aside in the name of “progress,” and many Christians seem to have taken the New Testament concept of being “in the world but not of the world” to the extreme, hiding their heads in the sand until they have no relevant foundation upon which to stand and spread the gospel.

In The Law and the Gospel, William J. Brannan calls on us as active participants in our faith to not sit idly by, to stand up for our godly principles in ALL areas, including politics, science, technology, and the arts. Using insightful commentaries and sound doctrinal references, Brannan presents the case that it is our duty as ever-growing Christians to engage “the world” and offer an alternative to the doctrines of darkness and sin being presented as the norm in order to be the beacons of faith we are meant to be."

Ministry of the Word and Prayer

The ministry of the Word and prayer from a biblical perspective are the two primary means through which we can bring about spiritual, moral and social transformation. Since every problem has a source in man rejecting the government of God, our goal is to restore humanity to God's kingdom relying upon God's ordained methods.

The word of God is powerful, because it reveals the very character and nature of God. Through the law we get a vision of how to walk in love. Through the gospel we are empowered to walk in love. The very essence of God's kingdom, is a kingdom governed by the love of God. God's character and nature are revealed to our understanding through the law, and they are revealed in our lives through the gospel. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ which empowers humanity to be conformed into the image of God, and therefore to be governed by His love.

The ministry of prayer is God's ordained method of connecting us with the power which is in Jesus Christ. Through prayer we rely upon God's strength rather than our own. Religious faith teaches us how to connect with the power of God which is made available through Christ's death and resurrection, and prayer reveals that power in our life.

One of the greatest needs of our generation is to see a restoration of God's government upon the Earth. That government is not meant to be restricted to the institution of the church, but rather, through the church the world is to be brought back into the Government of His love. This is a true biblical worldview which restores family values, and traditional values based upon biblical truth to society. These values teach and empower people to live according to God's law of love. Men are taught and empowered to live in a way that glorifies God and blesses humanity. We will discover, as we look into these matters more, that every problem facing society is solved through the law and gospel.

William Brannan is an accomplished pastor, author, and inspirational speaker. He has written two books, Spiritual DNA and The Law & Gospel.  He is the founding pastor of King’s Way Church which serves Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan. He served as a missionary pastor with King’s Way Connection in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He began in ministry in 1995 as the youth pastor for the Word of God Community.

With conviction that every problem in the world is a result of man rejecting the government of God, Bill Brannan focuses on the ministry of the Word and prayer. His goals are to:

  1. Bring people into the kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Bring the Saints of God into spiritual maturity through the ministry of the Word of God.
  3. Restore apostolic power in the world through the ministry of prayer.

Pastor, Author, Speaker


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